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Advocate FREMM Law Firm was founded in 1993 by a group of associates who had graduated from the Law Faculty of Saint Petersburg State University.  "FREMM" in the title is an initialism of the partners names.  Later this title was registered as a trademark.
Since 1995 the one and only office of the company has been situated in the beautiful historical building on Stremyannaya Street in the very centre of Saint Petersburg.  Advocate FREMM does not have any branch offices or subsidiaries.
Our firm was one of the first state licensed law firms in Saint-Petersburg.  In 1997 some lawyers of the firm became attorneys at law and joined Saint Petersburg Bar Association establishing Law Office #48 under the name "Advocate FREMM" because it was well-known in Saint Petersburg at that time.
Our company mainly specializes in civil and commercial law, corporate law, litigation, real estate and investment regulations.

Nowadays Advocate FREMM includes three subdivisions:
- Department of corporate law and registration of the enterprises
This department is occupied with corporate practice of our law firm.

- Department of common law
This department is occupied with real estate and investments practices, commercial practice, intellectual property protection practice, litigation and pre-trial settlement of disputes.

- Department of book-keeping and tax advice services
This department is occupied with providing book-keeping and tax advice services.

The Company's Corporate Policy is based on such principles as priority of clients interests, responsibility and providing legal services of high quality.

Over the 22-year period Advocate FREMM has earned the reputation as a reliable and professional legal expert and has joined the rank of the biggest law companies in Russia and Saint Petersburg region.

Taking into account the reforms in rendering of legal services in Russia and the growing attorneys role in court representation, the companys lawyers and the heads of practices obtained attorneys at law statuses and established an attorney at law entity, thereby continuing the history of the company.

Advocate Fremm, 2008 191025, Russia, St.Petersburg, Stremyanaya ul.11, ph. (812) 575-80-80